Artificial Sun –– Machine perception into the far reaches of the universe.

Artificial Sun no.1

  Print | 50 x50 cm | €65,-  

  1. 🦀 Chambered nautilus 0.239239849238
  2. ⚪️ Golf ball  0.2392398492384
  3. 🕷 Tick  0.2392398492384


 input CNN: Image of the first surviving daguerrotype photograph of the sun by Louis Fizeau and Lion Foucault

Artificial Sun 1/9

  Print | 80×80 cm | Price on Request. 

Artificial Sun no.2

 Print | 50×50 cm | €65,-

Making Meaning of the Sun

Not only humans perceive the world; in the digital era, machines ‘see’ the world. By producing and interpreting images, Artificial Intelligence is able to orientate itself. Just like mankind, that created the image to guide themselves and expand the human perception onto the far reaches of the universe. ‘Artificial Sun’ aims to introduce a recent field of imaging algorithms – Computer Vision – dedicated to the analyzes and identification of images. The proces of the automation of ‘perception’ reveals images purposed solely for machine-to-machine communication and which are not optimized to been see by mankind. An ever-expanding landscape of visual material that is strange to us. Opening up to a ‘New Vision’, compared to a child that that is learning to understand the world surrounding him.